No article from this one – just some pictures and a bit of information.


I will soon be back with another article for the blog, but in this edition of NME Magazine dated April 12, 1975, I didn`t find anything that triggered any lust for me to reprint anything. As this is an non-paying hobby of mine, I have to feel something for the subject – otherwise I won`t bother.

My other motivation for doing all this work is visits to my blog – it is a lot of fun to watch my stats and see all those people from all over the world reading my blog. So please tell your friends – or share my blog with others!

I also like being followed on Twitter – it gives me a lot of joy to be followed by someone, whether it is someone rather famous or if it is plain old, ordinary you. And I accept anyone asking me for a friend request on Facebook! I have made some very interesting acquaintances through that medium, and may it continue so. The only ones that I don`t accept are what is obvious fake accounts – sorry for that.

What will happen next? Well, after I am finished with NME, I will look at some of the wonderful magazines from the 80s and try to share some goodies from them. I have an enormous collection from that period in time, several different magazines in almost complete order. Some of them are still around today, and others are long gone and maybe forgotten.

So, if you would like me to keep my motivation to write this blog and share it with you for free in the future, you can do one or maybe two of these things:

  • Buy one of the magazines that I advertise for sale. (Thanks to everone that already did!).
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See you around then! 🙂


This number of New Musical Express also contains articles/interviews with these people: Ringo Starr, Loudon Wainwright, Loretta Lynn, Patti Smith, “Can Rock lead to Schizophrenia?”, Alphonse Mouzon, Tangerine Dream, Diana Ross, Marshall Sehorn, Michael Nesmith, Roger Sutton (Nucleus).

The original music paper this article came from (pictured at the top) is for sale!

1. Send me an e-mail, if you are interested. Send it to:
2. The offer should be around or upwards of 12 $ (US Dollars) to be considered. (This includes postage).
3. We conduct the transaction through my verified Paypal account for the safety of both parties.

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