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Hope you like this short, but very detailed article when it comes to their equipment. One of the bands that continually prove that you can have a long and great career without being “commercial”. And that`s great!


Yes move in a new direction

By Steve Peacock

One of the most heartening things to have happened over the last year or so is the gradual emergence of Yes out of the comfortable but rather unsatisfactory position of being a band with a small but devoted cult of followers, to their present status as one of Britain`s most popular live bands who also have one of the best and most successful albums of recent months – “The Yes Album”.


Those who have followed the progress of Yes since their first album knew it would happen sooner or later, but it is nice that it has happened now because not only is “The Yes Album” by far and away the best thing they have done to date, but it is high time they got the wide recognition they deserve.
However, it is often as well for a band to remain in relative obscurity for a time, because it gives them the chance to really work out their music and sort out any problems they may have within the band.


It came as quite a surprise to a lot of people when the original guitarist Peter Banks left the band, but after a little time with his replacement Steve Howe there was little doubt that it was a change for the better. Banks was good, but Howe is perfect for the band as they are at the moment, and you feel that he has great reserves of ideas that could contribute greatly to the development of Yes in the future.
He has a mastery of technique and an alertness of approach in his guitar playing that suggests he has a lot more to give yet.
Anyone who has seen the group recently will know just how effective their stage performance can be – they strike a fine balance between theatrical presentation (they look good, they use effects sparingly but in the right places, and they use lighting simply but well) and carefully presented but uncontrived performance of their music.


Now that they have established themselves and are at a point where they have achieved about everything that could be expected of the music they have been developing since their inception, Yes feel that the time is right to move out into a broader direction. Up to now it has been very much Jon Anderson`s band – based around his songs – but in the future they say that the others will have a lot more to do with the writing within the group.



Sound Reinforcement System with 4 5 channel 1567/B mixers by Altec Lansing System is worked from the audience
with Agraphic equaliser, a limiter and a three-way electronic crossover.
3 S.A.E. power amps for bass and monitors – 275 watts per side.
2 Crown stereo amps – mid and high range – 300 watts per side.
2 bass bins 22 x 20 JBL speakers.
2 JBL short-throw horns.
2 Altec Lansing 1 x 2 longthrow multi-cell horns.
2 Altec Lansing highrange horns.
2 Altec Lansing short-throw mid range horns.
3 floor speaker monitor cabinets which contain a mixture of 12″ JBL speakers and short-throw horns.

Steve Howe
1 Fender dual showman amp
2 Fender dual showman cabinets
1 Echoplex echo unit
1 Gibson fuzz box
1 Marshall fuzz box
1 Vox wah wah pedal
1 Fender tone and volume pedal
1 Gibson 176 B guitar
1 Martin 1008 acoustic guitar
1 Vachalia (which is a Portuguese instrument like the lute)

Chris Squire
1 Fender dual Showman amp
2 Dual showman cabinets with 22 x 20 JBL bass speakers
2 Rickenbacker guitars
1 Telecaster guitar
1 Marshall fuzz box

Tony Kay
1 Hammond C3 organ
2 122 RV Leslie cabinets both miked to PA with spring suspension

Bill Bruford
Ludwig drum kit
1 22″ bass drum
1 12″ alto tom tom
1 14″ floor tom tom
1 16″ floor tom tom
1 14″ snare drum
5 Zildjian cymbals
1 Chinese cymbal

Jon Anderson
1 KBI synthesizer

Various Unidyne mikes


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