ARTICLE ABOUT Supertramp FROM SOUNDS, August 21, 1971

A really good article from “ancient” times this one. Even Paul Kossoff, formerly of Free, shows up in it. Have a nice read everyone!


Changing the face of Supertramp

By Ray Telford

The trouble with most groups nowadays is that none of them seem to think any further than what is expected of them. Fourteen months ago Supertramp was an exception to that because they brought out one of the finest British rock albums of last year and with a kind of unspoken promise it seemed as though they might well continue in their good work.
Since then, though, nothing`s happened except for the release of “Indelibly Stamped” a few weeks ago which got a noticeably cooler reception than did their first, “Supertramp”. According to Kevin Currie, the group`s Liverpool drummer, the reason why Supertramp lay virtually dormant for all those months was because of a serious clash of musical ideas.


“Yeah, it just wasn`t happening personally for the group at that time,” he said. “It got so bad that the drummer had a nervous breakdown and at the time of recording the first album everybody hated each other`s guts. Considering all that it came out pretty well. It was a very melancholy kind of thing and the mood of the group fitted the music. That`s why people dug it I think.”
The changes in the group now have been fairly drastic. Frank Farrell replaced Richard Palmer who was lead guitarist – and as Frank plays bass, former bassist Roger Hodgson took over lead. Kevin replaced Bob Miller on drums. The lineup is completed by keyboard player Richard Davies and Dave Winthrop on saxes.
A couple of months ago rumours were flying thick and fast that Paul Kossoff was about to step in and recruit Roger Hodgson for his own group.
“Well, that`s not strictly true,” said Kevin. It`s true that Paul was interested in the group and in Roger, but Roger flatly said he didn`t want to leave. We all really dug Free and Paul came down to the country and had a blow and he played a gig with us but that was it.”
Perhaps it isn`t so prevalent on “Indelibly Stamped” but Kevin says that they are moving towards a much more melodic and positive form of rock and roll which he reckons will come over to their satisfaction on their third album.
“We`re still basically a rock band and we don`t want to change that but there isn`t any one set direction because we have so many ideas and influences which we`ll have to get together. Everyone is more concerned with melody and this album we`re working on now shows exactly where we`re at.”
As their publicity handout truthfully observes it is a minor miracle that Supertramp are still together. Indeed they have a good name and I feel it is this alone which has kept them together more than anything. Their first album gained them a hard core of followers especially on the college circuit but Kevin reasons that that type of audience is a limitation on the group.


“Most of our live gigs have been college dates which means we`re only exposed to people who want to know about us anyway. Recently, though, we`ve played some northern gigs at things like Mecca Ballrooms and really straight sort of clubs and the receptions have been great. These are the kind of people that wouldn`t normally associate themselves with groovy college bands. We`ve still got a good name and even the people who haven`t seen us come along and they expect something good. Yeah, I think they`re getting it too.”


I have personally transcribed this from the original paper. Any errors in the text from the original magazine may not have been corrected for the sake of accuracy. If you have a music-related web-page where this fits – please make a link to the article. With credits to the original writer of the article from all of us music fans!

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