ARTICLE ABOUT Elton John FROM SOUNDS, September 18, 1971

A man capable of composing a song like “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” will always be of interest to this blog, so it is with great pleasure that I give you this early concert review to read.


ELTON – thrills his audience

By Chuck Pulin

A lady hurricane named Doria which dumped over six inches of rain in the New York area couldn`t dampen the fervour of Reg Dwight or the 8,000 members of the audience who turned out to rave at and over Elton John.
Asbury Park is about a two hour drive south of New York in the state of New Jersey. I would be correct in saying that Brighton and Asbury Park resemble each other. It was there in the neo gothic convention hall built in the 1920s that Elton gave the third concert of his latest American tour.
Having seen Elton at least a half a dozen times in the last few years, I had wondered if I would be bored by his stage performance. Would it lack lustre having gigged so many times in the last year?
I am able to report that Elton has not become dull and his performance on stage is one of the most exciting I`ve seen in recent months. With his mates Dee Murry on bass and Nigel Olsson on his ever expanding drum kit, Elton proceeded to thrill his audience, and got them cheering over and over again.

Dee and Nigel were introduced and finally Elton came out, this time wearing a purple cape, which he doffed revealing his electric green tee shirt and his “Woolworth Bermuda shorts” with high striped socks. Then started with “Friends”, moving into “Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun”, which was followed by “The King Must Die”.
He then asked the musical question “Can I Put You On” and sang a “Song For You”. Other songs were “Country Comfort”, “Honky Tonk Woman” and “Tiny Dancer” from his new LP due out in the first week of November.
“Take Me To The Pilot” was a prelude to a rave up version of “Give Peace A Chance” and in the middle Elton went into a ten minute free form piano riff, which stunned the crowd.
By this time I retreated from the audience to the safety of the stage and watched as Elton danced on the piano with his back to the audience.
Viewing Elton up close in concert is a must. He`s warm and humorous and works hard to please his audience. I am left with the vivid impression that Elton unlike many other musicians LOVES working before his audiences, and tries his damnedest to please the people who come to see him.

It`s hard to put in proper terms the physical excitement he creates and the huge amounts of energy he draws upon. Elton in my humble opinion joins Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Leon Russell in that same style of showmanship.
The two sets I saw at the Convention Hall, on August 28 in Asbury Park, topped the sets I`ve seen Elton do at The Fillmore or Carnegie Hall. I can`t ignore Dee and Nigel who have also improved along with Elton. Nigel`s drum kit has grown – but so has his range. The bass lines that Dee quietly plays make him the third important member of the trio.
If it seems that I`m biased about Elton, Dee and Nigel, you`re more than half correct. I would be delighted to be super critical of any band that does not earn your respect or your money. However, you`re safe with Messrs. John-Olsson and Murry. I`m just unhappy that I`ll have to wait perhaps six months to a year to see them perform here in the States again!


I have personally transcribed this from the original paper. Any errors in the text from the original magazine may not have been corrected for the sake of accuracy. If you have a music-related web-page where this fits – please make a link to the article. With credits to the original writer of the article from all of us music fans!

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