Day: June 6, 2018

ARTICLE ABOUT Slade FROM SOUNDS, November 25, 1972

A nice album review from one of the most popular rock bands ever coming from the UK. Enjoy!


Album review:

Slade: “Slayed?”
(Polydor 2383 163).

By Billy Walker

You can`t help but luv dear ol` Slade for just being themselves, no frills, just down to earth rock and rollers in it for the birds, booze, money and love of it all. They make good music, despite those who feel they`re just a good show and nothing else, and “Slayed?” has everything you`d expect; very few surprises but music that`ll get you up and jumpin` if you`re within a four to seventy four year old age group. “How Do You Ride” gets the boys off and kicking with a great Stones feel to the opening which rolls along within the number, Jimmy Lea gets some barrell house piano going in “The Whole World`s Goin` Crazee”, which is another great rock and roller, and the most obvious thing about the album is proof that Dave Hill`s a far better guitarist than you`d imagine and that Lea, along with Noddy Holder, writes some surprising lyrics. “Look At Last Nite”, “I Won`t Let It `Appen Agen” show this aspect of the band, but it`s numbers like Janis Joplin`s “Move Over”, played with complete confidence and understanding, and “Gudbuy T`Jane” that show what Slade`s about, their toughness and drive with “Jane” keeping up the very high standard of single releases they`ve set. “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” is included and “Gudbuy Gudbuy” flashes in like something from the Beatles` “Magical Mystery Tour” and then settles into a more Sladish theme, although Nod`s vocals here sound remarkably like John Lennon. No messin` from the boys here, a real nice rocker from Nod, Dave, Jimmy and Don. Long liv Slade.


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