Day: June 15, 2018

ARTICLE ABOUT Status Quo FROM SOUNDS, January 13, 1973

Just a short one today as I know some people use these concert reviews in many ways. Some may read them doing research for books on the touring history of a band, and others use them to check if their bootleg is complete or just to discuss certain episodes happening at a certain concert. There may be other reasons that I can`t think of right now, but imagine this could be sort of useful for some people. So more of these will be coming.


Live concert review

By Jerry Gilbert / Ray Telford

Status Quo and the JSD Band did well to fill the Rainbow on Saturday, and it was highly encouraging to see diametrically opposed factions whacking out their own steamy rock and roll to a full house who were perpetually off their seats dancing.
For the JSD Band the concert was an enormous success and signified their enormous popularity since coming down from Scotland last year. When it comes down to it, even London audiences will react with body and soul to good medleys of jigs and reels, and on the night front men Des Coffield, Sean O`Rourke and young fiddler Lindsay Scott, were brilliantly fast and in perfect harmony.
Status Quo`s performance finally installed them as this year`s most likely contenders for the quick trip to the big time in the same way as Slade did last year.
This, however, was precisely what Status Quo fans had come to hear – a hard faced rock band who played to them on their own level with no glittery showbiz pretentions. In fact, the group represents exactly the opposite for their dress evokes strong memories of those halcyon days of a million dusty blues bands, and their audience communication is summed up neatly in the way Mike Rossi delivers his energy laden rough talk between numbers.

The same goes for their music, too, for it comprises a powerful barrage of rugged riffs pumped out onto two guitars in the handling of Rossi and Ricky Parfitt above an aggressive sounding rhythm section. Alan Lancaster on bass and John Coughlan, drums, do a fairly solid job, but they lack a certain crispness in their tempos which lessens the overall effect of the music.
One of the most popular numbers in the set was “Railroad” which Rossi sang with amazing verve above the surging waves of instrumental power. It`s music that you simply can`t knock because its effectiveness portrayed itself in the stomping, jeering audience who refused to let the group leave the stage until three encores had been played.


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