Day: July 5, 2018

ARTICLE ABOUT Deep Purple FROM SOUNDS, February 10, 1973

Here is the first in a series of concert and album reviews. One coming every day for a period forward.


Album review:

Deep Purple: “Who Do We Think We Are”
(Purple TPSA 7508).

By Ray Hammond

This is released hard upon the heels of the group`s first live album “Made In Japan” and it illustrates far better the group`s progress. Purple have always been together but they illustrate here a tightness that I haven`t noticed in their work before. Blackmore, Glover and Paice work particularly well together and Ian Gillan`s vocals are far better represented here than on the last album. As far as material goes there`s nothing that is a major departure in style, the boys keep turning out hard rockers based upon the very simple riffs that sound misleadingly easy to write but the general standard of performance is way above what they`ve put down on record previously. They`ve always been a band who are more rewarding live than on record but here they seem to have approached the recording medium for its own sake rather than for the reason of trying to sell a slice of Deep Purple. “Woman From Tokyo” and “Mary Long”, are two of the best tracks in the traditional Purple style and “Place In Line”, gives Ian a remarkable showcase for his underrated vocal talent.

Purple Who Do We

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