Day: September 14, 2018

ARTICLE ABOUT Nazareth FROM SOUNDS, November 3, 1973

Just a short review today. I think the Naz fans will like this one.


Album Review

By Jerry Gilbert

Nazareth: “Loud `n` Proud”
(Mooncrest Crest 4)

Nazareth are one of Britain`s brightest bands because they have found an immaculate compromise between genuine American Southern grit and good old English punk rock. That`s not to say that they compromise their music – far from it, but they are loud and have taken another positive step forward with another master production from Roger Glover. I heard his other proteges recently – an American band called Elf – and was highly disappointed all round, but he has certainly turned Nazareth into one of the most dynamic recording bands with his d.i.y. tenet. Like “Razamanaz”, the band have hired the Pye Mobile and recorded the whole thing virtually live in their own rehearsal room in Scotland, and as always their music is basic, earthy, and strays little beyond the demarcation lines of rock and roll. “Go Down Fighting” is almost reminiscent of Gary Glitter and were it not for the fact that they are setting themselves higher standards all the time I`m sure this would be a likely candidate for their next hit single. As it happens they will probably choose the “Turn On Your Receiver”, although my favourite is the track sandwiched between – “Not Fakin` It” which features a compelling riff from Manny Charlton that is really wasted on the song. Elsewhere they do a great version of Little Feat`s “Teenage Nervous Breakdown” and a dubious version of Dylan`s memorable “Ballad Of Hollis Brown” which is so lyrically perfect that any attempts to intensify the song tend to detract from it – or maybe I`ve just heard it too often to tolerate secondary versions. “This Flight Tonight” is a classic example where something from the singer-songwriter genre can be utilised by a rebel rousing rock band although you may care to sample “Child In The Sun”, the more reflective “other” side of Naz as featured spasmodically on “Exercises”. All in all it`s a very fine album indeed – definitely superior to “Razamanaz” but then again one can`t see the band resting on laurels at this stage in their career.

Loud Nazareth

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