Day: October 2, 2018

ARTICLE ABOUT Golden Earring FROM SOUNDS, November 17, 1973

The last time I posted an article about this band there was a sudden influx of readers of the blog from the Netherlands. So here is one more for you great people of Holland – and other friends of this band who with this, their ninth album, also went to no. 12 on the American Billboard charts. Their most famous single, Radar Love, went on to a 13th place in the Billboard singles chart. Yes, they were sort of huge in America for a while.


Album Review:

Golden Earring: “Moontan”
(Polydor 2406 112)

By Pete Erskine

This is the other Dutch band; and this is the eight time in succession that I`ve played this album. So far I have experienced no after effects at all. So far, it would seem that this is yet another master work of samey background music. During the last circuit – between the opener “Rader Love” (featured on the “Whistle Test” last week) and “Vanilla Queen” I repaired a plug, washed the dishes and had a shave. Upon my return I wasn`t even aware that the album had been playing until the player switched itself off. I did think that the “Whistle Test” film clip was impressive though; if their material is, as others have said, a composite of early 60s styles, that`s more than compensated for by their visual side. I thought they looked really good – vocalist Barry Hay has great style and I thought Cesar Zuiderwijk`s final leap over his drum kit was pretty spectacular. Golden Earring do seem to exude a strong charisma – and according to recent reports, a great deal of spunk on stage. By way of contrast “Moon-tan” is excessively meandering, too full of near-misses and changes in musical direction to imprint itself on the listener. There`s little doubt that instrumentally the band are exceptionally capable – viz. the gentle contrast of the harmonic guitar passage rounding off “Candy`s Going Bad” (a feel reminiscent of some of the more ethereal Traffic things) and the instrumental mix involving flute, guitar and rhythm section on “Are You Receiving Me” – but the sum quantity is, rather sadly, an album which is still too easily forgettable.


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