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ARTICLE ABOUT Uriah Heep FROM SOUNDS, November 17, 1973

Recently I discovered that Heep`s drummer through most of their career, Lee Kerslake, has been diagnosed with cancer and have only been given a year or two to live. While death is a fact of life, it is also sad to see many of heroes go before us, and it is especially sad when it concerns such a great musician and what seems to me to be a nice human being. This is a review from a concert while Kerslake was in the midst of Heep`s possibly greatest time of their career. And I am sure that i speak of behalf of thousands of older rock fans when I say: Thank you for the music, Mr. Kerslake – you made an impact in our lives.


Concert Review

By Roger Harvey

Portsmouth is a great place to start a tour – for sure. After regular doses of the super cool Rainbow it`s good to see fans nodding and bopping all night long instead of the usual encore type.
Uriah Heep, fresh from America, presented a formidable box of tricks on Thursday night. Starting with a couple of rockers just to check out the audience, they were home and dry almost before they had begun.
David Byron, the dictator of Heep, commanded the audience to witness a “slow number”, “If I Had The Time” from the album “Sweet Freedom”. A slow number from Heep you ask? Yes, but heavy and building with good harmonies the tours of America have taught Uriah plenty about dynamics and pacing. The energy positively crackled through the air as the lights changed constantly, well in tune with the stage antics.
A brief respite in the intensity allowed Ken Hensley chance to show us his latest electronic wizardry. Combining organ and synthesizer with various gadgets, he played a 10 minute solo which pushed many through time warp nine.
“If you`ll go back to your seats for just this slow one, we`ll rock for the rest of the night”, David pronounced. The title track from “Sweet Freedom” followed just as tight as possible Gary Thain and Ken Hensley playing chord games with each other and Mick Box`s guitar soaring overhead.
Now the flood gates opened. “Look At Yourself”, “Lover” and a rock and roll medley brought the show to close. Crystal clear sound and the band in happy top form had produced a memorable brain assault.


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