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ARTICLE ABOUT Thin Lizzy FROM SOUNDS, March 23, 1974

This one should be very interesting for all fans of both Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore. Too bad this interview wasn`t longer but we will take what we can get in relation to these artists. Enjoy.


Lizzy: back in action

By Ray Telford

Phil Lynott, standing long and lean over the control desk at Decca`s Tollington Park studio, swapped toothy grins of approval with Gary Moore as the backing track for one of the band`s new songs ripped from the huge suspended speakers.
The sessions had been booked for work to begin on a new Thin Lizzy album. Having almost fully recovered from the swift and totally unexpected departure of guitarist Eric Bell last Christmas, Phil reckoned the best plan would be to get the band with Eric`s replacement Gary Moore back into recording as soon as possible.
Eric`s splitting from Lizzy brought with it more outcry from dedicated fans than they`d anticipated. On the previous two Lizzy albums currently available – “Shades Of A Blue Orphanage” and “Vagabonds Of The Western World” – he was seen to be fast developing a unique and refreshing approach to playing the electric guitar and his leaving, according to Phil was subtly assisted by the fact that Eric`s ideas about how things should sound were not wholly in tune with the general direction of the band.
“The thing about Eric collapsing from nervous exhaustion,” went on Phil, “was played up a bit – I mean it wasn`t so bad as it appeared to be in some of the papers. But as a musician Eric is a kind of delicate guy and it shows through in his playing – I think he was getting to feel a bit uncomfortable playing with us just before he left.”
Eric left the band after their Christmas gig in Dublin shortly after they`d begun an Irish tour. At two days` notice Gary Moore stepped in and completed the tour: “There was about two days` rehearsal with Gary,” said Phil, “and after that it really sounded a whole lot better than we`d ever dreamed it would. That Irish tour and the present English tour has got us working together pretty well.


Gary Moore`s guitar has added a sting to Lizzy`s music that was previously missing. He employs a lot more attack than Eric Bell, a style which also happens to suit Phil`s zippy bass style a whole lot better. Before joining Thin Lizzy Gary had first made a name for himself during his time with Skid Row, an amazingly under-rated Irish trio from three years back who failed to get off the ground largely through business and management. He then formed his own Gary Moore Band who suffered a similar fate but through it all Gary`s reputation as one of the most exciting and inventive guitar players stuck fast.
“I think Gary is naturally an adaptable musician – not that he ever sacrifices his own thing because he`s too strong a player for that to happen, but as far as this band goes he`s fitted in really nicely.
“Gary`s a good writer too and the amount of ideas he`s come up with for the new album is incredible. There`s like a revitalising thing going on right now which has given everybody a bit of a lift. There`s more than enough material for this album, probably even the stuff we`ve written since Gary joined would be enough.”
Lizzy`s charts success last year with “Whisky In The Jar” Phil still reckons was a good thing for the band. Certainly it never landed them with any kind of one hit wonder tag because the single was innocently incidental, a pleasant surprise you might say which didn`t seem to affect the group`s hipper club following. Up to now the main of Lizzy`s material has come from Phil whose lyrical talents have grown considerably over the space of two albums. He sees “Vagabonds Of The Western World” as something of a transformatory experience: “At the time we were doing it it felt right and there were some good songs on the LP. We spent a lot of time thinking about how we wanted the thing to feel and getting moods right. I think it showed a little more of true potential which up to then maybe hadn`t shown through.”
The new album the band are co-producing with Nick Tauber with whom they also worked on “Vagabonds Of The Western  World”: “As things stand right now,” said Phil, “we`re happy enough about the band in the studio. The material is strong and mature enough and we`re getting it down exactly how we want it.”


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