Day: December 30, 2018

ARTICLE ABOUT Humble Pie FROM SOUNDS, May 25, 1974

A band that history forgot? Well, we are not forgetting them on this blog. Hope you like it.


Concert review from Charlton Athletic Football Ground

By Pete Makowski

Humble Pie were easily second best to the Who. They were so hot `n` nasty I could have listened to them for the rest of the night. The last time I saw them was at the Hyde Park concert supporting Grand Funk and they came over twice as strong at Charlton. They opened up the show with a punchy version of “Whatcha Gonna Do About It” (remember that one?) with Marriott screaming out those vocals like there was no tomorrow. That guy goes easily alongside your Rodgers and Daltreys. His voice is so strong and soulful that added to the band`s powerful playing you can`t but help tap your foot continuously. Something which surprised me, was Greg Ridley`s voice, which is as ferocious as his bass playing.
They played material off “Thunderbox”, their current album which has sadly done nothing here. The title track sounded much stronger than the recorded version with Clem Clempson laying down some real mean guitar work and the newly shorn Marriott leaping and bounding across the stage belting out chords left, right and centre. The audience were with them all the way and it was obvious that the band were working their proverbial balls off, definitely giving of their best that day.
They never eased up once throughout the set. “I don`t need no fucking doctor”, as Steve described it, and an elongated version of “C`mon Everybody” was some of the best of an ultra fine set. Methinks a Pie tour wouldn`t go amiss.


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