Day: January 21, 2019

ARTICLE ABOUT Blue Öyster Cult FROM SOUNDS, June 29, 1974

Mr. Makowski wasn`t too keen on B.Ö.Cs brand of heavy rock in 1974. Personally I find it a great album, but I can understand that it`s not to everyone`s taste.


Blue Oyster Cult: “Secret Treaties” (CBS 80103)

Record review by Pete Makowski

If Andy McKay is in search of Eddie Riff he might as well give up now – Blue Oyster Cult found him years ago. Yep, it`s the “The Nuremburg Rally`s Greatest Moments” from CBS`s answer to the SS… well, that`s if you take the Cult so seriously. Y`see they put this menacing image of being Gestapoids and play real evil music but I`ve heard stories that during warm ups they do numbers like “Hang On Sloopy” and that they`re old session pros. Well you can`t believe everything you hear, but this album makes me wonder how long this band are going to last. If they`re supposed to be America`s answer to Black Sabbath they might as well give up. It`s good meaty stuff but the overall effect is bland and uninspiring and this certainly doesn`t match up to standard of their first two releases. The best tracks are “Career Of Evil” and the rather odd “Flaming Telepaths”. I`m not really knocked out with the guitar playing provided by Donald (Buck Dharma) Roeser and Eric Bloom. Other tracks on the album are “Subhuman”, “ME 262”, “Cagey Cretins”, “Harvester Of Eyes” and “Astronomy”. I still think that Britain`s got the stranglehold on heavy rock.


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