Day: January 24, 2019

ARTICLE ABOUT Uriah Heep FROM SOUNDS, June 29, 1974

A great review for the band. Well deserved and nice to see!


Live Review

By John Howe

The Heavy Metal Kids provided the support for Uriah Heep at Hammersmith on Saturday night. They played a very disappointing set for approximately an hour covering most of their forthcoming album. “Rock and Roll Man”, their new single, gained their loudest applause probably because it was the last number. I`ve seen this band before and think they could have done better.
After about thirty minutes Heep took the stage accompanied by clouds of dry ice swirling around their feet. With invisible legs they launched into material from their new album “Wonderful”, including “Suicidal Man”, “So Tired” and their new single “Something Or Nothing.” There was some excellent keyboard work by Ken Hensley on the title track “Wonderworld” plus some nice playing on the grand piano on a number called “The Easy Road.”
Interspersed throughout the concert were old Heep favourites, “Sweet Lorraine,” “July Morning,” “Easy Living,” and “Gypsy” which went down particularly well. They encored with “Look at Yourself” and, as Mr. Byron somberly explained, their last performance of their Rock and Roll Medley with the emphasis on Blue Suede Shoes.
Two Heep members played particularly well, Mick Box and Lee Kerslake. Box, complete master of his guitar played very tightly, letting rip with his screeching high notes supported equally well by Gary Thain on bass who seems to improve with every performance. Lee Kerslake (a very underestimated drummer in my opinion), played very well, pounding out a sweaty beat, nothing dynamic, and just got on with his job. Byron and Hensley performed just as well of course in their respective trades, but then they nearly always do.
All in all it was a typical Heep concert. The joint was rocking and boogieing all night, and the audience enjoyed it, especially an eighty year old grand-dad who was jumping up and down putting most of the young Heep freaks to shame. Good on yer sport.


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