Day: April 10, 2019

ARTICLE ABOUT Aerosmith FROM SOUNDS, October 19, 1974

Mr. Canty got this spot on! We would hear a lot more from them, that`s for sure. Nice one.


Aerosmith: “Aerosmith” (CBS 65486).

Record review by Derek Canty

Rough, raunchy rock and roll. Alas it`s all been done before by countless bands. That though, is no reason why Aerosmith shouldn`t have a crack at the whip. They`re a five piece American outfit and lead singer Steven Tyler has a definite touch of the Paul Rodgers about him. The pace of the album is fast, and, pretty consistent, but slows down on track three of side one with a tune called “Dream On”. Tyler`s vocals come across superbly and the tastefully used echo on his voice, coupled with some really powerful guitar work make for a nice balance. Side two continues with three more rockers exhibiting some more of Joe Perry`s fine guitar work. The band describe their music as “R&B with a lot of arrangement and refinement”, and in the true R&B tradition they close the album with their version of “Walkin` The Dog”. I must confess to having never heard the band before, and, whilst we`re on an honest kick – I like `em. Their second album “Get Your Wings” (CBS 80015) will be released on November 29 and if it`s as good, or better than this, I think we`ll all be hearing a lot more about them.


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