ARTICLE ABOUT Suzi Quatro FROM Record Mirror, May 13, 1972

A short, but early article on Suzi from the time when she released her debut single. The single was “Rolling Stone” and didn`t chart anywhere – except going to number one(!) in Portugal.


If you knew Suzi like the tattooist knows Suzi!

SUZI QUATRO is surely the ideal girl to take out.
She reckons one drink — top whack two — is enough to give her a friendly buzz. Doesn’t bother about eating. And needs only three hours sleep per night.
She’s also a hot tip from Mickie Most to become a positive superstar as from the release of her single “Brain Confusion”, which is out on the Rak label soon.
When Mickie speaks thus, most of us listen. Actually he discovered Suzi in Detroit when he was there to record Jeff Beck at the Tamla studios. He was pretty amazed to see the girls clamouring round Suzi when she was on stage.
He persuaded her to come to England seven months ago and has since recorded her, encouraged her to write songs. No public appearances as yet. But she’ll form a band.
In Detroit, she had her own all-girl band, Cradle. She’d been with them since she was fourteen. She went on to play bass, sing . . . and dance on a telly show as Suzi Soul.
Peter Frampton digs her vastly, after working on her single . . . “We wrote a song in the first twenty minutes we met,” said the talkative Suzi, who was performing in Vietnam when she was seventeen.
She currently has two tattoos on her person . . . a star on a wrist, a rose on a shoulder. “Where’s the nearest tattooist?” she asked me. I didn’t know.
“I wanna get something tattooed on my ass,” she said. “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”
Which is a funny message to have tattooed on your ass. Oh, I don’t know though!


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