ARTICLE ABOUT Deep Purple FROM New Musical Express, December 20, 1969

A very good review for this ambitious and highly original project done by Jon Lord and the boys in the Deep Purple.
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Deep Purple`s classic and pop get-together

Record review:

Deep Purple & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Concerto For Group and Orchestra
(Harvest stereo only SHVL; 33s 6d)

This is the LP recorded live at that sensational concert last summer, when Deep Purple combined with The Royal Philharmonic, under the energetic baton of Malcolm Arnold, to try and prove that pop and classical music need not be poles apart. The reaction to the concert at the Albert Hall was one of immense satisfaction and admiration, but it met with luke-warm receptions from the `heavy` critics.
So, it is not unreasonable to suppose this album will go the same way. In three very varied movements, organist Jon Lord, who wrote the entire work, takes the group and orchestra through the stages of combatants, touch-and-run lovers and finally a rousing, spirited free for all.
The evening was fun, and the album can`t hope to capture the incredible atmosphere, but to the thousands who loved the music, this very fine LP will be a must. And for those who didn`t attend, you`ll be able to find out exactly what you missed.

Deep philhar

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