ARTICLE ABOUT Pink Floyd FROM New Musical Express, April 1, 1967

Here`s a real goodie from a time far, far away. Almost in another galaxy.
Read on!


School inspired Pink Floyd

By Jeremy Pascall

PROJECTED Sound, they call it. Also a Total Show. Lighting effects, distortions and a song about a man called “Arnold Layne” (in the charts this week at No. 26) who has a strange hobby – collecting clothes!
The group is the Pink Floyd, four off-beat young students. Organist Rick Wright studied music, bassist Roger Waters was an architect while Sid Barrett (lead) and Nick Mason (drums) studied art at Hornsey College.
It was at this art school that a laboratory of light and sound was set up. Sid and Nick became involved and saw potential in the effects created to exploit in their own group which had been formed for some time.
They developed a technique which they described as a “fusion of light, colour and music” consisting of projected images and weird luminous effects. But, they hasten to point out, it is NOT psychedelic!
They started this new music form only a few months back and gained immediate reception in the student circuits.
They played regularly at London`s freak-out palais – the Round House and numbered among their first fans a strange figure dressed as an Arab – Paul McCartney.
The Pink Floyd play all their own material which includes the extraordinary “Arnold Layne” written by Sid Barrett who shares the vocal with Roger Waters.


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