ARTICLE ABOUT Deep Purple FROM New Musical Express, July 8, 1972

A very nice review from Mr. Norman – sort of a Christmas present for all Purple fans as this is posted on the 24th of December, a day when a lot of countries, including my own, celebrate Christmas. Very special greetings to the great people working on Merry X-mas to all my fantastic readers!
Read on!

Front row reviews

Deep Purple by Tony Norman

THE RAINBOW came back to life on Friday night with a snarl, a cheer and a smile. The near-capacity crowd had come to see Deep Purple and they got value for money. The most enthusiastic of them crowded down to the front, clapping, shouting, dancing and throwing peace signs towards the stage.
Many of them were too young to care about being “cool”. They just went straight ahead and had themselves a ball.
As soon as Purple walked into the stage lights they knew they were in complete control. This was their audience. Young, keen and lively. The rolls and roars of applause that were to wash through the theatre after every number were totally predictable.
They could have played “Three Blind Mice” and it would have worked. But they didn’t take things too much for granted. They worked and sweated and made sure it was a good show.
Ritchie Blackmore stretched and posed, looking for all the world like The Human Fly. Skinny and stylish; a good showman.
Ian Pace stripped off his shirt and revealed a body which should be tended to by Charles Atlas, but he did play well. Sharp and crisp, holding it all together.
Roger Glover wore a funny hat and swayed at the hip, pounding out solid bass with some fun touches.
Jon Lord had trouble with his trousers but still found time to contribute much, while Ian Gillan ripped his throat apart with all the notes he should never really be able to reach.
When working together, Purple were as good a rockin’ band as you’d find anywhere. But I found their ‘solo’ spots a little too self-indulgent. The drum solo, in particular, meant nothing to me at all. Blackmore tended to do his fair share of waffling too, in my humble opinion.
On these occasions I felt the show dragged. Was the huge applause really warranted or were the fans registering relief that the ordeal was over? I don’t know. But certainly their music is best, for me, when they are a solid, united force.
The Rainbow itself is much cleaner now. It seems to be better organised too.
The snarl came when Purple were a bit late for their set. Stamping and booing from the crowd. Great. Let the organisers know you expect a good show… on time. If you yell and moan, they’ll soon get the message. The Saturday Morning Pictures type cheers came when Purple arrived. The smiles were everywhere at the end of the concert.
The Rainbow was back and everything had gone well. It had been a nice night.

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  1. Dear Geir

    A heads-up and great thanks to your work and dedication, from a die-hard Purple fan here in Zürich, Switzerland.
    Back in the eighties, when I moved out, a box with a stack of precious 70s Sounds and other
    mags with Mark2 covers found its way to the dumpster and I never forgave that sacrilege.
    So your work is much appreciated and most welcome!
    Greetings and best wishes for 21

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words – they are appreciated. 🙂 You will find more Purple-related stuff on my site very soon. I am a big fan of the band myself, so that helps! 😉
      Best wishes for 21 to you!



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