ARTICLE ABOUT Styx FROM SOUNDS, February 14, 1976

I don`t know if Mr. Fudger had a bad day reviewing this one? This is a great album that deserves a lot more credit than a measly two stars. You didn`t get this one right, Dave. Must be better than this.
Read on.

STYX: ‘Equinox’ (A&M AMLH 64559) 34 mins. **

Album review by Dave Fudger

THERE WAS almost no pleasure in listening to this. Side one is like a Reader’s Digest edition of complexorock a la Yes/PFM leaving out all the good bits and featuring worse lyrics and vocals than even the two aformentioned combos can manage.
In places this album would be OK if there were no vocals (still perhaps when they play live they keep the mike levels low), one shining example is `Mother Dear’ which features some beautiful fuzz guitar structures and tasty synthesiser flourishes. Side two contains a couple of of Rick Derringer sound alike heavy metal outings ‘Midnight Ride’, and ‘Born For Adventure’ the latter of which is adorned with all the monotonous rifferama of a Uriah Heep swords and sorcery opus. In contrast there is a refreshing diversion in the lonesome, bright acoustic guitar solo ‘Prelude 12′ which is unfortunately sucked into the melodramatic closing track `Suite Madame Blue’.
As essential as a car park full of whale’s vomit.

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