Judas Priest

ARTICLE ABOUT Judas Priest FROM SOUNDS, November 9, 1974

This as a fun one. The very first album by Judas Priest reviewed sort of favourably. I think the title cut of this album is really infectious and I wonder why Mr. Makowski didn`t mention this possible hit song in his review of the album. Well, you can`t win `em all I guess?


Album Review

Judas Priest: “Rocka Rolla” (Gull Gu11 1005)

By Pete Makowski

This album reminds me a lot of Black Sabbath`s debut record – It doesn`t reach the highest peaks of originality but I can understand why this band are gaining in popularity. This album will undoubtedly cater to heavy metal freaks. The cover is by the most excellent John Pasche whose style is instantly recognisable. But back to the vinyl: I remember seeing this band many aeons ago in a different form, and even then they managed to pack quite a punch. The next time I saw them was when they supported Budgie and they were fair. This album indicates that the band have improved musically, although it seems to be derivative and cliched at times. The most original track and also the longest is “Winter”, which features some interesting feedback effects leading into a quite melodic section. The rest of the numbers move quite well as the title of one track implies – “Run Of The Mill”. It`s a pretty disposable album, but shows promising indications of things to come.


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