ARTICLE ABOUT Trapeze FROM SOUNDS, September 21, 1974

I have never posted anything regarding this group on the blog before. About time then that we give some attention to this band that spawned so much talent going on to even bigger bands later on in their career. Everyone should know about Glenn Hughes who is a living legend after making his name with Deep Purple and then going on to a long and very productive career as a member of different bands in addition to a solo career. The drummer, Dave Holland, went on to play with Judas Priest all through the 80s and Mel Galley went on to play with Whitesnake and also started the rock music project called Phenomena, a very underrated musical project that also featured Hughes on vocals.
You don`t know your hard rock history if you don`t know about Trapeze, so check them out.


What you lose on the strings you gain on Trapeze

By Pete Makowski

There`s rock and roll, and there`s rock and roll, see? Britain`s always had the talent for producing innovators in heavy rock music. Bands like Free, Zeppelin and Purple have set a trend that our overseas friends have only been able to imitate.
Which brings us to Trapeze, who have a distinct approach and style to their music that is instantly recognisable.
Okay, so some of their funky riffs were probably ripped off of old soul sounds, but at least they did it with the respect that it requires and took it a step further. They did it with command and originality, which makes them innovators in their own little way. The band went through changes when Glenn Hughes departed to join the ranks of Purple and the only remaining members were Mel Galley (guitar) and Dave Holland (drums). From this nucleus, bass guitarist Pete Wright and guitarist Rob Kendrick were added and the new look band secured themselves a contract with Warner Brothers.
I spoke to Mel and Pete, tracing the band`s past and looking into the future. Most people remember Trapeze as a three piece but in fact they began as a five piece, recording their debut album on the Moodies` Threshold label.
“We were completely different then”, said Mel with a strong touch of the Brum in his voice,” we were more of a harmony group, it was inevitable that we would split.”
The band continued as a three piece and their keyboard player, Terry Rowley remained with them, but stayed in the background on the mixing desk. He also plays on the band`s current album.
The next album was “Medusa” which demonstrated how powerful a trio can be. One of the band`s main assets was undoubtedly Glenn Hughes, his vocal delivery and bass playing must have been the toughest combination since the dawning of King Kong and Godzilla.


The band`s next album was “You Are The Music We Are The Band” which revealed a new side of the band and was basically dominated by Glenn`s presence.
America was obviously aware of the band`s existence, and they`ve been getting bigger there with each tour, especially down South where they fill out capacity halls with ease.
The came Glenn`s departure which could have doomed the band into oblivion if they weren`t so confident of themselves. I asked Mel how he felt about Glenn leaving. “I can`t blame him, we don`t bear any grudges, in fact we`re still close mates. The funny thing was that we never knew it was going to happen, even Glenn didn`t know that Purple were going to our gigs to watch him.”
Now Mel was back to the bones again, but even before Glenn`s departure the band announced that Glenn was changing to guitar and they were looking for a bass guitarist. Something they did without success because they couldn`t find someone that could fit into their mould. Which makes it less surprising that they found Pete Wright by chance.
The rest is history. Like Pete, Rob spawned from the Birmingham cabaret scene and Mel found himself with a whole bunch of undiscovered talent. I asked Mel how America accepted the new line up. “It was great. But then again we were always treated equally over there, but I think this has been our best tour there yet.”
The band now fit into Mel`s style, hard and funky retaining that original flavour that puts them a cut above the rest. Their album “Hot Wire” is a viciously strong debut on the new label and rightfully should sell. Their music is exciting, hard edged and the band have the promise of becoming one of Britain`s biggest exports in years to come.
The band are currently touring Britain and although they haven`t yet secured a London date, they hope that they`ll be playing here.
“We`ve never really done a solid tour here, we`ve never had the opportunity to prove ourselves.”


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