Muscle Of Love

ARTICLE ABOUT Alice Cooper FROM SOUNDS, December 1, 1973

I love Alice Cooper a lot, having bought everything he and the band released, but I don`t feel that this album is their proudest moment. I think he would agree, and I imagine a lot of other fans would agree too. But, Mr. Mackie seemed to like it, so what do I know?


Album review:

Alice Cooper: “Muscle Of Love”
(Warner Bros. K 56018)

By Rob Mackie

“Muscle Of Love” must be Alice Cooper`s best album yet. While most of the earlier sets only really came to life as part of the bizarre stage show, and sounded hollow and monotonous without it, the new one works splendidly in its own right as a straightforward, uncomplicated rock album, which has gained a lot in melody, and lost a little in repetition. The much-publicised vocal help from Ronnie Spector, Liza Minnelli and the Pointer Sisters (Alice and co. don`t miss a PR trick) is in fact only on one track. “Teenage Lament”, which is just that, a look back at teen value. Otherwise, it`s the band pretty much on its own, but with lots of touches to add colour to the rather stark sound they used to get. True they`re not startingly original – shades of Lou Reed in Alice`s singing on “Never Been Sold Before”, some early Santana style percussion on “Hard Hearted Alice” (poking fun at the stage persona), a little Leon Russell flavour on “Crazy Little Child”, a whole mock Hollywood title theme on “Man With The Golden Gun” – but it fits together as a whole better than the Coopers have done before. Michael Bruce again shows what a good guitarist he can be in quite a variety of styles, and Alice is far less grinding in his delivery. Some of the songs are fine too, with “Hard Hearted Alice” a standout, opening at a surprisingly gentle pace before Alice switches to the Mr. Hyde character for a spat-out piece about “Mind scrambled like eggs”, and other splendid topics. There`s been a bit of a lull since that mammoth US tour, and the signs are that he has paid dividends.


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