Richard Belfield

ARTICLE ABOUT Budgie FROM SOUNDS, September 20, 1975

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Budgie aim low and hit hard

Concert review by Richard Belfield

There`s a fanaticism about Budgie fans which is difficult to fathom. Budgie got a standing ovation after their first number, and again after every number played during the night. Towards the end the fans swarmed over the seats like lemmings. Some even tried to give the band a standing ovation before they walked on stage but were restrained by the management of the Free Trade Hall. The shouting alone threatened to drown the best that Budgie`s tons of electronic hardware could produce.
And yet, surprisingly, Budgie are really quite ordinary. There were no great pyrotechnics from Tony Bourge`s lead guitar, Burke Shelley`s bass lines aren`t anything out of the ordinary and the lyrics are banal.
While other bands have sunk into introspection and technique, Budgie have aimed low and hit. They know their market and cater for it. There was barely a woman in sight – perhaps less than 40 in the entire building. But all the young lads came alive when Budgie appeared on stage, all frantically plucking at invisible guitars and strutting pigeon toed like Burke Shelley. It was as well the guitars were invisible – had they been real we would all have been deafened.
For this gig Budgie brought in a second guitarist, Myf Isaacs, from Wales. He hasn`t played with the band before but has played with drummer Steve Williams in the past. He`ll be playing on the rest of the tour and presumably some decision will be taken about Budgie`s future as a trio.
Budgie had problems on this gig. They couldn`t do a sound check and the monitors didn`t work. Hopefully these problems will be solved so the sound can only improve.


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